Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Second Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Weekly Food Collection Project

January 21, 2009

Hi Folks,

Last Sunday's food collection covered three blocks, both sides of the street. The committed participants performed beautifully. Food was on the porch or when they saw me at the door, they dashed to the kitchen and came back with a can. The new participants I signed up on my route gave me food right away or promised me it would be ready next Sunday. Generally they really liked the idea that they can participate in a very good cause and it takes very little effort. One gentleman I spoke to asked me if I could make a presentation to his Kiwanis Club to explain the idea to his fellow members. I will find out next Sunday when that might be.

On Monday I turned in the food I collected to the Community Food Bank truck at the Reid Park MLK Celebration.

Tonight I attended our Miles Neighborhood Association meeting. There were 11 people there and I signed up 4 participants. Also, I got a spot on next month's meeting agenda. Bill Richard, the association's president said there will probably be something like 25 -30 people in attendance. As I was leaving, my neighbor Bill, who was already a participant, talked to me in detail about how he bought donation food for the next few weeks and how he decided what sized can would be better for a family. I think this kind of thoughtfulness will be the norm as time goes on. He was actually trying to visualize the family he was helping. Terrific!

I have learned two things in the past two weeks: People like this simple but useful commitment to community service and if I am consistent in my weekly pick ups, the donations will be consistent.

Talk to you again next week.


PS. A funny aside. When my neighbors first open the door, most don't recognize me so I tell them I'm the guy who walks those two white dogs and then I show them the picture. Immediately their faces light up and they say, "Oh, I know you you are." So I must confess, my Westies are making this whole thing happen.

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