Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Weekly Food Collection Project

January 12, 2009

Hi Folks,

I had talked to 10 or so neighbors a week ago but this Sunday was the first time I went around to pick up their weekly food donation for the Community Food Bank. Either they had the food on the porch or they came to the door immediately and handed me their donation. I'm really proud of my neighbors to say the least. I also met a few new neighbors and when they saw my brimming grocery bag they popped back into the house and brought out a can or two.

This Sunday I'm making the rounds again, as I will every Sunday, but I think the results will be even better than the 22 pounds I just picked up. On Wednesday I'm attending the Miles Neighborhood Meeting which Edward Altamirano suggested I attend. He told me to contact the president of the association, Bill Richards and explain the idea. Bill liked the concept and said I might be able to make a presentation to the association this month or next. I'll let you know what happens.

As with Edward, others are participating and offering helpful ideas to help me build the Miles Neighborhood Community Food Bank donation program. They tell me to use their names when talking to new neighbors down the street or they say they will talk to others about the "one can a week" program. To date I've covered two blocks, one side of the street only. People are friendly and are taking the time to talk to me about community service and all kinds of things. It's fun and very encouraging.

Something I just came up with is a Thank You card for each participant. I hand it to them or leave it where I find their donation on the porch. (See attached.) I like this idea because people will find the food gone but won't be sure I got it. Now they can be sure. Also, if the donation is not on the porch and no one is home, I leave a Sorry I Missed You note. This is a friendly reminder for the next Sunday.

As I learn how to make this program more efficient and convenient for my neighbors I will let you know.

Talk to you soon.


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