Friday, April 1, 2016

376th Week - One Can A Week Food Donation Program

Hi Folks,

This Week's Happenings in photos and graphics

The Muslim Community Center is
just plain serious about serving our community

In mid December, 2015 the Muslim Community Center asked One Can A Week to purchase $1,000 worth of potatoes from El Super on S. 6th Avenue for the Community Food Bank. That request netted 6,908 lbs. for the food bank. One hundred and four days later on March 29, they did it again ... $1,000 for potatoes. This time the donation amounted to 6,852 lbs. 

When you add the two potato donations together the total is 13,760 lbs. or the equivalent of 10,584 meals for hungry parents and their kids here in Tucson.

Jacob Coldsmith, the Logistics Manager at the Community Food Bank said it only takes a couple of days to distribute those much needed potatoes. With this in mind, The Muslim Community Center is already engaged to collect more money for more potatoes.

The Muslim Community Center sees the need to take care of folks in our community and they are standing up to meet that need every chance they get.

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