Monday, October 19, 2015

354th Week - One Can A Week Food Donation Program

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This Week's Happenings in photos and graphics

Life is always a fun trip
when you take the high road.
Muslim Community Center of Tucson's One Can A Week display table.
A couple of years ago Dr. Pervez Jessani hired me to teach his wife the computer. She was very smart and got things quickly but really had little time to devote to the project. What turned out to be the last lesson I was paid a little more than my normal fee because neither of us had any change. When I did not hear from them for a few months, I sent a note and returned the $5.00 I owed them. They were surprised and called to tell me so.

Around the middle of September I got a phone call from Dr. Jessani who asked me to set up a display table at the Muslim Community Center of Tucson located near River and La CaƱada. The whole getup cost $203.00 and included a 4 foot banner, a food bin, a collection box, support material and a new banner for my Sprouts and Rincon Market display table. (Instead of charging labor costs, I went for the new, much needed table banner. A deal where everyone wins is always my favorite thing.)

The powers to be at the Muslim Community Center are quite excited to be involved in a community-wide project. Their first goal is to collect 500 lbs. of food per month. Dr. Jessani is already preparing to talk to others in the Muslim community to expand their One Can A Week program.

Over the years I have learned that One Can A Week success comes when there is one consistent coordinator managing the program. Sam, the Miles School's science teacher is such a person and he quietly keeps everyone motivated. In their fifth year of participation, they are striving to collect 5,000 lbs.

Dr. Jessani also gets this concept of one low-key person in charge so his program will be highly successful, just wait and see.

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