Monday, December 1, 2014

308th Week - One Can A Week Food Donation Program

Hi Folks,

This Week's Happenings in photos and graphics.

Record High Week at 2,022 lbs.
The red arrows tell the story. We donated 766 lbs. of potatoes and 1,256 lbs. in canned and packaged goods this week. Sprouts-River Road topped our list with 880 lbs. of food.

Sprouts' Grab 'n GIVE holiday donation program makes it very easy for their customers to pick out a shopping bag filled with food and pay for it at the register. The customers love the program and buy bags by the thousands. The blue arrow way in the back of the warehouse shows the donations from Sprouts-Oracle, Sprouts-Speedway and Sprouts-1st Avenue. There were so many bags the Community Food Bank had to make several trips with several large trucks to gather them all.

These Sprouts Grab 'n GIVE bags are perfect in another way, too. Their contents closely match the contents of the food boxes the Food Bank gives out during the holidays so when they run out of boxes ... which they always do ... they now have thousands of Sprouts bags to help more hungry families through the holiday season.  

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