Tuesday, October 14, 2014

301st Week - One Can A Week Food Donation Program

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This week's happenings in photos and graphics.

Want to make really big bucks?
Feed the hungry.

"How do I know my money will go to feed people," the man asked as soon as he walked into the Rincon Market last Saturday. He was in his weekend scruffs, unshaven and unkempt but he still looked like he understood the ways of money.

"Give it to me," I replied, " I buy nothing but food and donate it to the Community Food Bank."

After I explained the workings of One Can A Weekand that he could just created his own program if he liked—really struck a chord with him. He confided in me that he was selling his company and wanted to do something very useful next. The idea of sitting in an office at home and buying food that would go directly to the needy was very appealing. He quickly saw that he could be making deals with local grocers that would help their bottom line. And then what about other business people who have his same concern about the effectiveness their donated dollars?

What would happen if feeding hungry kids and their parents becomes a financial product? Huge amounts of money flow in to buy food which keeps lots of folks working. At the same time, supermarket chains and trucking companies turn into very attractive investment. Some of the profits from those investments can then be donated back to his One Can A Week program oiling the process. When the idea gets big, a very small override will hire the folks who will go around monitoring and regulating the food distribution process from their own home offices. All of this happens with fancy computers but no big fancy office. The One Can A Week financial product is inside a server with all of the rest of the money making money.

Could this really happen? Of course, all it would take is one person who always does the right thing because cheating, even a little bit, means you are really no good at anything no matter what you achieve.

In January he will be back. That's what he said and that is what I expect.

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