Monday, October 6, 2014

300th Week - One Can A Week Food Donation Program

Hi Folks,

This week's happenings in photos and graphics.

A Little Bit Makes A Big Difference

This is what 30 lbs. and 170 lbs. of potatoes looks like in real life.
On Thursday the staff at DKA in the Miles Neighborhood invited me to make a presentation to inspire or better yet, help them remember to bring food to the office to donate to the Community Food Bank. After a few laughs and a serious discussion about getting potatoes into the lives of the Food Bank clients, they decided to have personnel take a few bucks out of all of their paychecks each week. My job would be to pick up the cash on Friday and buy potatoes for them at Sprouts on Saturday.

The next day they had a cash donation of $10.00 even thought their One Can A Week deduction was not in play yet. Those dollars purchased 30 lbs. of potatoes which put us over the top this week at Sprouts.

Customers donated $57.00 on Saturday and accounted for 170 lbs. of potatoes. The DKA $10.00 made it possible to push the order up to 200 lbs. of potatoes or 4 full 50 lbs. boxes. Those 30 lbs. made things happen.

Of course, the Sprouts price of 3 lbs. of potatoes for $1.00 was a big help, too.

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