Monday, September 22, 2014

298th Week - One Can A Week Food Donation Program

Hi Folks,

This week's happenings in photos and graphics.

A very large rain storm hit Tucson and Phoenix a week ago causing a great deal of flooding. This week there was to be a repeat performance beginning on Wednesday. Folks took heed of the warning and stayed home. Although the heavy rains never arrived, the mere threat of trouble severely dampened the donations at Sprouts-Oracle and Sprouts-River Road. Instead of the usual 400 lbs. plus of food collected at these two supermarkets, I ended up with only 150 lbs.

Although the skies were not sunny and bright Friday and Saturday, things began to appear brighter, at least with respect to One Can A Week donations. The Rincon Market collected enough money to buy 100 lbs. of potatoes. The Miles School called and they had 116 lbs. for me to pick up. Ward 6 also had 50 lbs. to add to this week's totals.

The big surprise, even under somewhat threatening skies, was Sprouts-Speedway. All morning long folks were dropping large bills in the basket. One woman said she had been planning to donate weeks ago but forgot. The $20 bill she handed me was her way of "catching up." When it was time to fold my display table and buy the potatoes, customers had donated $128.00.

Friday morning I had 150 lbs. of food. By Sunday afternoon the total was 1,024 lbs. I have no idea how that happens. All I do is show up when I am supposed to.

See you Sunday,


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