Monday, September 15, 2014

297th Week - One Can A Week Food Donation Program

Hi Folks,

This week's happenings in photos and graphics.

Major Food Bin Overflow
at Sprouts-Speedway
On Monday the 8th, Bill the security guard at Sprouts-Speedway called to say the donations in the food bin were piling up. Those were picked up Tuesday. On Saturday the bin was again filled with donations. Those were taken at the end of the regular Saturday morning food collection stint. No potatoes were purchase at that time, however, because I collected too much money and they had too few bags. Sunday morning they would replenish their supplies.

After collecting the Miles Neighborhood donations in the early afternoon on Sunday I drove to Sprouts-Speedway to buy 34 bags of potatoes. When I arrived I met Bill at the front door and he was all smiles. "Look at this," he said pointing to the full food bin, "there's even a brand new cute stuffed toy for some lucky child." 

Three food bin pick ups, 34 bags of potatoes and one enchanted plush toy tipped the scales at 350 lbs. this week. Bill has a lot to do with the giving energy at Sprouts-Speedway because he is always explaining One Can A Week to customer who stop to ask him questions. He makes it part of the conversation even if they just ask for the location of the plastic recycle bin.

Bill proves again that caring just a little bit every day feeds a whole lot of hungry folks.

Thanks, Bill. 

See you Sunday,


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