Monday, September 8, 2014

296th Week - One Can A Week Food Donation Program

Hi Folks,

This week's happenings in photos and graphics.

One Can A Week Displays
in all three Sprouts Supermarkets

Now we have displays at Sprouts-Speedway, Sprouts-Oracle and Sprouts-River Road. And the best part is each of those displays encourages and collects food for the Community Food Bank 24/7. 

The Axis Food Mart
One Can A Week Strategy
Really Works

Maen Mdanat, the owner of the Axis Food Mart installed a Community Food Bank coffee tin collection canister on his counter soon after opening in 2010. The canister has some wear and tear from folks stuffing coins and bills into it over the years, yet it still produces healthy donations every month. With the emphasis now on buying potatoes, Maen suggested to a number of his retail store friends that they should get involved, too. The first round of donations were picked up last last week and together, Chaffin's Diner, Axis and the Maui Smoke Shop collected enough money to buy 101 bags of potatoes. When added to the Sprouts Supermarket and Rincon Market donations, we collected a total of 258 bags of potatoes. That's a major new record. (See chart below.)

That goal of 300 bags of potatoes per week does not look as daunting. We just have to get a dozen or so more of Maen's store owner friends collecting donations. Piece of potato cake.

Another record collection week

In Week 291 we set a collection record of 1,266 lbs. This week we surpassed that record by 251 lbs. I thought I might be maxing out but Maen's idea is setting the bar even higher. Change is always good and in this case, it feeds more folks.

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