Tuesday, September 2, 2014

295th Week - One Can A Week Food Donation Program

Hi Folks,

This week's happenings in photos and graphics.

The Eyes Don't Have It - In an attempt to attract a little more attention to the potato program I created a potato bag with lots of eyes. The accompanying sign read: "Free tour of the Community Food Bank ... and a KISS (Hersey) if you guess there are 140 all-seeing eyes on the One Can A Week bag of potatoes."

A few folks were curious enough to venture close enough to see what was going on. They stepped up to the table, leaned forward, smiled and then snatched a Hersey kiss as they straightened up and walked away. This happened at all three Sprouts and the Rincon Market. Next!

A Faster Read - No bending over required to get this newest marketing endeavor. In fact the signs: "Share In Box and Share Out Box" can be read quickly at 10 feet. The next thing I learned was that young and even the elderly could resist the lure of Hersey's chocolate. "No I shouldn't," was the standard reply.

On Saturday at Sprouts-Speedway I added bite sized Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and that did the trick. Now potential donors replied, "These are my favorite." A second or two later we were talking potatoes.

Hard Working Design - The new display at Sprouts-Oracle changed the donation dynamic in just one week. Now sold Sprouts products make up about 75% of the food in the bin whereas in past weeks food brought from home dominated the space. This is capitalism at its finest.

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