Monday, May 19, 2014

280th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood One Can A Week Project

Hi Folks,

What's a Go Giver?

Until last Monday I had no idea what a Go Giver was. But right after I received an email from Alena Hall, a writer at The Huffington Post, I became better informed.

In 2008 Bob Burg and John David Mann write a book, The Go Givers, which is a “little story about a powerful business idea.”

That powerful idea is if your business gives more in perceived value you will receive more in profits.  Amazon is a perfect example.

In other words you can still be a Go Getter but if you are a Go Giver, life and work is so much better. Can’t agree more.

Just a few minutes after I left a message for Alena she called back. We spoke about an hour … well, I did most of the talking while she asked me questions now and then. Seventy-two hours later the One Can A Week Go Giver profile was posted online and it turned out to be the most thoughtful and thorough piece to date.

There were specific quotes taken from Molly Thrasher’s One Can A Week video and
highlights from numerous blogs. The research Alena did for this article spoke volumes about her commitment to getting it right and her professionalism.

There were lots of likes and five very positive comments mostly focused on the fact that more folks should step up and be counted.  A year of so ago I had a similar conversation with Mayor Rothschild as he exited the elevator in his office building. I told him I appreciated his involvement with One Can A Week because he is a leader.

“When it comes to my role,” I said, “I am definitely not a leader. Every time I turn around there is never anyone following me. That’s bad for One Can A Week, but I have to tell you, it sure helps my paranoia.”

The Mayor is probably still smiling about that one and I’m still looking for folks who approach life as Go Givers, too. 

Sprouts Farmers Market  Update

Hot weather forces more trips
and smaller loads but the results are still
very BIG.
1,046 lbs. donated this week

          Wednesday                              Friday                                  Monday
 Never had to think about protecting the cans and dry goods from the heat of the day. Shade was the only concern. But now with the emergence and importance of the potato, heat and sunshine are the major concerns. My solution was to plan more trips which gave me more time to think.

As of Saturday afternoon all of the potatoes will now be housed in my very cool and dry home. They have their own special corner where they can wait a few days for transport. Generally, a bag of potatoes lasts for weeks in my home and only is discarded when little eyes form to stare back at me.

There is always a solution if one has time to think.

This week’s donations amounted to 1,046  lbs. and included River View Estates, 16 lbs.; Sprouts (Speedway), 342 lbs.; Sprouts (Oracle), 116 lbs.; Sprouts (River Road), 32 lbs; Shiva Vista, 60 lbs. and Miles Neighborhood including Axis Food Mart, 480 lbs.

Potatoes. Who Knew?!
Happenstance turned me on to potatoes because one Wednesday’s cash donation total at Sprouts-Oracle was a bit low. Cans were running 89 cents per 15 oz. while potatoes in a 5-pound bag were 35 cents a pound. A good choice, but it was the reaction at the Community Food Bank’s Agency Market that got my attention. They can’t get enough potatoes to supply their 140 local area kitchens.

When I turned in Maen’ potato donation it was out the door by the next day feeding folks. He likes that immediate response as do I. “Take my donation and feed the people now,” is how we think.

I know lots of One Can A Week participants feel the same way. So if you have access potato funds, just let me know and Sprouts Spuds will be feeding needy children and older folks in scores of soup kitchens all over town.

Axis Food Mart 54 bag donation
We collected a total of 480 lbs. of food. The money we donated amounted to $31.00, a $25.00 check and $6.00 in cash.

See you Sunday,


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