Tuesday, October 15, 2013

249th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood One Can A Week Project

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New "Satellite Display" Launched

Whether he will admit it or not, Anthony, the Sprouts produce manager is an artist. What gave it away was the pride he took in building his displays. “Just a couple of hours ago this looked really good,” he said gesturing toward the display. “Now look at it, it’s a mess.” He paused a moment and fell back into his manager role. “I’m proud to be involved in this program because it is really working.”

Messy displays and a brimming shopping cart says it all. Sprouts customers are beginning to make donating to the Community Food Bank a weekly routine.

Before Richard Rodriguez, the store manager, implemented One Can A Week, his customers thought about feeding themselves and their families. Now many are not only thinking about their needs while shopping; they are also considering those in need and then they do something about it.

It’s fun to watch this change for the good every week, but I have to say, sharing this terrific social adventure with you is a lot of fun, too.

Photo by Paz Preciado
Three Years Running
Last Tuesday Our Family Senior Companion Program held its annual appreciation luncheon at the Casino Del Sol. (The food was really delicious, by the way.)

All of the Senior Companions were being honored for their important work in the community, and too, for their participation in the One Can A Week program.

Fran Coleman, the program manager invited me to hand out the One Can A Week certificates along side Patti Caldwell, the Executive Director, who personally presented each and every Senior Companion with the official Our Family Achievement Award.

As Fran called their names, the Senior Companions stood up at their table and Patti and I darted around the conference room delivering the documents. Patti was always a step ahead of me, not because she knew everyone— although that may have helped—but I just ate a full lunch.

In the beginning, One Can A Week was going to be a one year project for the Senior Companions. They like One Can A Week so much it is now an annual event. And I like them so much I’ll gladly dart around a room whenever they ask.

Fool Me Once
A couple of times I’ve delivered to the food bank when it was closed for a holiday. Now if I am not certain they are open I call. On Monday the operator answered and I asked. “Are you closed for the holiday?” She quickly replied, “Yes.”

Thinking they might have a skeleton crew on duty since a person did answer, I asked if the warehouse were also closed. Again she said, “Yes.”

The moment I drove up today Di, one of the very helpful crew members asked, “Where were you yesterday? We thought something was wrong.”

Turns out there was a new staffer handling the phones yesterday. But it really was my fault. When a person answers the phone at the food bank, they are open. Duh!

We collected a total of 130 lbs. of food. The money we donated amounted to $4.00. 

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