Tuesday, July 2, 2013

234th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood One Can A Week Project

Hi Folks,

SPECIAL NOTE: There was a power outage in the Miles Neighborhood yesterday for nearly six hours. Consequently, this update was put together by the light of an LED flashlight and a battery powered laptop. When the lights came back on at 12:17 am and then off again and then finally on for good at 12:30 am, I was out of power myself and went to bed. So that’s my story for being tardy this morning and I am sticking to it.

Think About This Amazing Statistic
The Miles Neighborhood Donated Over 3 Tons of Food
On Average in the First Two Quarters
for the Past Five Years.

Neighbors move in, neighbors move out and the economy is still not doing well, but yet the Mile Neighborhood doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to feeding hungry kids and their parents. Study the figures for a moment and then go thank everyone in your family for keeping the momentum going weekly for four and one half years. That’s amazing, too.

And if you think about it the next time you visit the Axis Food Mart, thank Maen for running a wonderfully generous and helpful neighborhood store.

In the 2013 Second Quarter Report,
food donations are stable
but the dollars are down a bit.
It’s still all good.

Number Six This Year
We had another stuffed pickup truck this week. Most of the credit goes to the Axis Food Mart this time. With $81 from the food bank coffee tin, Maen purchased 162 cans of Van Camp baked beans weighing in at 152 lbs. See stack on the right.

Even More Changes
Barbara on 12th Street not only had the bakery close on her, there’s a new manager at the banana store who will need a little charming to come on board. Give her a week or two and we’ll be knee deep in cookies and fruit again.

We collected a total of 285 lbs. of food. The money we donated amounted to $56.00, two $25.00 checks and $6.00 in cash.

See you Sunday,



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