Monday, June 4, 2012

178th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,
Returning 250 Small Favors
for One Really Big One
The staff of DK Advocates which is located on the corner of Broadway Blvd.
and Vine Street. Dot Kret is in the center of it all holding the Community
Food Bank plate. Jorge Ruiz stands in the back, third from the left.
Dorothy Kret who likes to be called Dot, owns DK Advocates, a firm that “helps people become employable and employed.” The whole firm has participated in our One Can A Week program for more than three years now. And it all started with Jorge Ruis, a Miles neighbor, friend and as it turned out, staff member at DK Advocates.

Jorge approached me one Sunday early in our program and said he wanted his firm to get involved because it is a neighborhood company. It took him about 4 weeks of plotting and planning but he made his presentation and Dot agreed right away. We have all been friends since.

The thing about DK Advocates is they are participating the hard way which is seldom sustainable. They have to remember to bring their donations to work every week. People at home always forget even when their kitchen is just 15 feet from their front door. So to carry the food to work is quite a commendable feat. Then on top of that, they have done it for more than 156 straight weeks. It is obvious, the whole staff at DK Advocates is doing the Miles Neighborhood a huge favor.

On Sunday Dot sent me an email asking for some help. Now how can I refuse especially since it’s such a tiny thing.

This is what she wrote: “Chase Bank and Living Social are having a grant competition for small businesses and I have applied. In order to even be considered for it, DKA needs 250 ‘votes’ on their site through FaceBook. Which is where you come in. Please click on this link to the Chase Bank grant program:”

So I clicked on the link and voted. It was easy and when I refreshed the page my vote was tallied. That’s the part I liked the most. I could instantly see I helped Dot.

If you click on the link, this is what you will encounter (see graphics below). All the stuff is easy to understand. Please help Dot get 250 votes to qualify for the grant program. And your efforts will be rewarded because Dot always places in the Top Ten on everything she tries.

A simple screen explaining the Chase grant program. Click on the
Log In & Support button.

This pop up box appears and you sign into your Facebook account. (One
vote per Facebook account.)

Just type in DK Advocates as shown and hit search. You don’t have to
select State or City.

Within a few seconds you will be thanked for voting. Right click and
Refresh the page. A new number, which is your vote, will appear.
If you are a Facebook whiz, please try to get your friends to help Dot. Also, Living Social is a Local Bargains web site so you may want to check that out, too. Chase Bank link:

Quiet Sunday
The streets were devoid of cars and people, yet there was plenty of food to be had. Even when there is profound silence, it is quite exciting making the rounds.

We collected a total of 170 lbs. of food. The money we donated amounted to $61.50, a $50.00 check and $11.50 in cash.

See you Sunday,


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