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176th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

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Bang-up Broadway

A police officer checks out the abandoned chase car that stalled in front of Bill’s and Jamie’s home on S. Cherry Street. The driver was apprehended two hours later after dogs found him hiding in the bushes a short distance from the crash site.        - Photo by Gracie -
Daniel and his girl friend Gracie had no idea they would be the first on the scene of an incredibly loud accident when they decided to check the air in their tires at Circle K around 12:18 am Saturday morning. They heard a bumper scrape the curb at the Axis Food Mart across the street and when they turned around they saw everything as if they were spectators at a demolition derby.

The speeding car veered across the street towards them and jumped the curb. Next it wiped out the mailbox and stoop on its way to crushing Jamie’s truck fender. The final slam was Bill’s car parked at the curb. The driver immediately jumped out the immobile car and ran south on Cherry Street into the darkness.

Within 20 seconds the police were on the scene because they were chasing the “good looking, well built guy” as Maen described him. Couched in Maen’s words of praise is his disappointment in the individual who obviously has so many advantages yet still behaves so badly.

The police were right behind him but they would not drive like him, shooting across Broadway at a high rate of speed. They paused briefly to make sure there were no cars in their path.

The chopper was brought in along with the K-9 Corps to look for the guy. After an hour or so of the circling spotlight—which most of us in the neighborhood were awakened by—the dogs did their job and found him hiding under a bush.

Maen heard the crash from his store and when he saw Jamie and Bill were involved, he started calling their number while standing outside their home. On the third try, Bill picked up. He said he was slow to answer because he’s a sound sleeper. Sirens, crunching metal and cell phone ring tones. I guess so!

The concern Maen had was that both Jamie and Bill were leaving on a trip to Utah to witness the eclipse. If they didn’t take care of their rides now, they would never make it.

In no time at all, Bill had the insurance companies on the line and set up a rental car and a tow truck. The next day they were off on schedule but before going they thanked Maen for being such a great neighbor and looking out for them.

Two Weeks Ago on Broadway
A neighbor with a flat right rear tire was making a left turn slowly onto Vine Street and apparently did not see the motorcycle rider heading east toward her.

Maen and I were out in front of his store chatting when we heard a horrific crash and turned in the direction of the sound just in time to see a helmeted and leather clad rider fly through the air, land hard and roll three times. Maen’s security camera caught what we saw on tape but I don’t need to see it. I can play back that awful image in my head any time I want.

Later that night the rider was released from the hospital. Some good news at least.

One Week Ago on Broadway
Two homeless men were crossing the street at Highland Avenue when the more fit gentleman told his friend to “run.” He didn’t or couldn’t and the approaching car ran over him. Daniel, who also works at the Axis Food Mart, talked to the survivor the other day and learned that the man who was run over died.

A 30 MPH Zone But Who Cares
The three block stretch of Broadway from Campbell to Highland Avenue is more than dangerous, it’s deadly. On Saturday I sat first at the light on Broadway to make a left onto Campbell. Once in the morning on my way to the Rincon Market for One Can A Week and once after lunch to go buy some dog food.

In the morning a pink scooter with a helmetless young woman driver and a helmeted male friend on the back kept encouraging me make a left against the light. With the top down, the woman’s “Come on,” and “dumb ass” words were quite audible but I could tell she had no line of sight for oncoming traffic. She was positioned on the right side of my car. If I weren’t there holding fast against her insults, she would have become someone else’s problem.

In the afternoon, I was again waiting for the green arrow when a guy on a bicycle peddled against the traffic to catch a bus. His eyes were on the bus, not the oncoming cars. For sure I thought he was going to get hit. He stopped just in time in front of me. When the green arrow showed up I let him go first.

Every time you get on Broadway leaving the neighborhood or coming home, please pay close attention to what is happening around you. Just some neighborly advice because I don’t want to see you end up in a blog like this.

The Anatomy of a Late Night DUI Chase
Maen said that on many a cool evening he has seen his neighbors at 121 S. Cherry sitting on the steps enjoying a cigarette and a cold beer. Good thing is was not so coolish early Saturday morning.
Imagine the force that caused Jamie’s truck to be thrown out of position and crunched like a soda can. Normally his truck sits in a little bit and dead center in the driveway.

Some Real Food Bargains Out There
Recently Fry’s has been advertising Van Camp’s Pork and Beans for 29 cents if you buy ten cans. Maen used his food bank collection money and bought 70 of them. Do the math, that’s a bit over 20 bucks and a whole bunch of hungry kids will be fed this summer.

We collected a total of 244lbs. of food with 70 lbs. coming from the Axis Food Mart. The money we donated amounted to $59.50, a $50.00 check and $9.50 in cash.

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