Monday, April 16, 2012

171st Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,
One Can A Week At The Movies
Bill deserves top billing even though he did not ask for it.

The Cabrio and the Caballero who started it all.

Without much ado, Molly Thrasher, videographer for Try Freedom sent a rough cut of her One Can A Week documentary to me and Emily Fridenmaker who requested the footage for presentation she and her classmates were making to the Lion’s Club in Concord, West Virginia.

The deadline was tight but Molly came through early and allows us to see a preview of her gentle and emotionally powerful style. She encourages her characters to say their impromptu lines as if they are telling a story that just happened yesterday. All of the images are so darn fresh and sincere. Bill Carnegie, CEO of the Community Food Bank, describes how he was introduced to One Can A Week and although it’s been three years, he remembers all of his thoughts and reactions to this simple idea.

It’s now 8:30 pm Monday night and Emily just sent me an email recounting her presentation to the Lion’s Club earlier today.

“Our presentation went great! The video was really fantastic, we so appreciate you guys putting that together. We have collected almost 750 pounds of food in the past 5 weeks, and it looks like the program is going to continue through the Lion's Club after we graduate in May. Thank you again for all of your help!


Below is a brief description on how to link to the rough cut of Molly’s One Can A Week video. If this 2 minute video is any indication of what the final documentary will portray, we are in for a wonderful ride.

The link will bring you to a page on YouSendIt and a download button. DOWNLOAD One Can A Week video.

The dialog box that opens allows you to immediately Run the video or Save it to your hard drive. You may want to Save the video to your Desktop to review later with family and friends.

SPECIAL NOTE: The video is a .mov file. If your media player cannot play the file, just download QuickTime 7 for PC or Mac. It’s an Apple product so it is very safe.

Do Not Turn Off the Cereal, Fruit and Peanut Butter Machines
Summer is upon us and hungry kids will soon not have their schools to turn to for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And with the Community Food Bank experiencing cuts from all its food sources those kids are heading for trouble.

Spread the word and see if you can encourage all you family and friends to help us meet the demand.

We collected a total of 170 lbs. of food. The money we donated amounted to $31.50, a $25.00 check and $6.50 in cash.

See you Sunday,


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