Monday, January 30, 2012

160th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,
Give A Little, Take A Lot

That’s the deal I made three years ago with scores of my neighbors in the Miles Neighborhood. Give me a can a week on Sunday and I will take a lot of food to the Community Food Bank on Monday.

Our deal has worked out great, too. Beginning in 2009 through 2011, we donated 35,751.5 lbs. of food and $7,828.09 in cash. Just counting the food, we fed 9,168 folks and their kids three meal in one day.

About two months ago, Pauline Hechler, VP of Development, invited me to the January 26th Community Food Bank board meeting because she wanted to personally introduce me to all of its members. Since they are helping run my favorite charity, I also wanted to meet them.

About two forkfuls into my scrambled eggs, Pauline, who was seated next to me, stood up and made the introduction mentioning our impressive donation numbers.

Then Bill Carnegie, the CEO, walked up behind my chair and said he had something for me. I stood up and he handed me this handsome, and quite heavy, metal plate with an inscription on it. He began to read aloud.

Bill Carnegie shows me the beautiful
Wilton Armetale plate and reads the
inscription as Pauline Hechler looks on.
Photo by Meghan Heddings 

This is one time subtlety escapes me.
It is quite obvious that I am completely
taken with the presentation, the
sentiment and the heft of the 12" plate.
Photo by Meghan Heddings

Bill Carnegie and I take the
obligatory presentation photo
which a few hours later gave me
the idea to present this elegantly
engraved award to all those who
have helped me feed so many people.
What surprised me is how quickly
everyone took to the idea. Moments
after they held the plate their replies
were nearly identical. “Wow, of
course you can take my picture.”
Photo by Pauline Hechler
“As substantial as they are
beautiful” is the opening line in the
Wilton Armetale brochure. You will
see below, each person I handed
the plate to read the inscription and
then clutched it warmly.

With deep apprecition for creating the One Can AWeek Program.Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, January, 2012.

Bill is reading and I’m thinking, “What a beautiful plate, I love this design … and everything.”

I’m not an awards kind of guy. I do things because they need to be done. I don’t look for any kind of mention or at-a-boys. I instantly changed my mind when I held this magnificent memento. Later in the day when thinking about Sunday’s pick up I decided to show, no, give this plate to my neighbors. By putting out all of those cans for 160 weeks straight, they forced me to qualify for this award.

And like me, they have to get their picture taken. (There are scores of Miles neighbors to award and they will appear here over the weeks.)

I’m the official keeper of the plate, but any time a neighbor wants to throw a party or have a special gathering of friends, they can borrow it to tout their good works and at the same time, encourage others to step up as they have.

Now I’m thinking about where to display this elegant plate in my humble home.

Food Bank Deliveries Made Easy
Cory, who lives on Highland Ave., operates the Treehouse Thai Message Spa located at 148 S. 4th Avenue with her husband. They recently ran a food drive and their customers donated $178. Since Cory participates in One Can A Week, she knew I’d gladly deliver her donation.

Everyone should follow Cory’s lead. If someone you know has food or money to donate to the Community Food Bank, just volunteer my services. After all, I’m there every Monday delivering our neighborhood donations.

We collected a total of 166 lbs. of food. The money we donated amounted to $214.50, two checks for $206.00 and $8.50 in cash.

See you Sunday,


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