Monday, May 2, 2011

121st Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

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Sunflower’s Subtle Reminder

Rosemary is the new Events Coordinator at the Sunflower Farmers Market on Speedway and Swan. So what happened to the old Events Coordinator? Well, Michelle is her name and she now manages a store in California where her daughter attends college. That worked out well.
A monster 37-inch tall
Community Food Bank
 box stands ready at the
 Swan and Speedway
Sunflower Farmers Market.

In her first week on the job, Rosemary discovered our little One Can A Week shelf talkers and had an idea. She taped one below each of the credit card readers at the seven checkout counters. By Wednesday, the normal pick up day, the Community Food Bank box was nearly half-full. At today’s weigh-in, their donations tipped the scale at 70 lbs.

That was highly unusual because over the past three weeks, the food donations have been slowly dwindling: 38 lbs., 22 lbs. and 14 lbs.

Prior to her leaving, Michelle and I had a conversation about the culture in her store. She knew the Rincon Market and its success which she rightfully contributed to its casual atmosphere. People go to the Rincon Market for a pleasant meal and a little shopping.

On the other hand, Sunflower shoppers just want to get in, buy the healthiest of foods and get out.

Michelle didn’t blame them nor was she surprised by the small food donations.Who has time these days to dawdle in a supermarket? At least that was our conclusion.

Seventy pounds of food donated
by Sunflower Market customers
in one week.
Then along comes Rosemary who figured Seventy pounds of food donated by Sunflower Market customers in one week. out that by simply posting a little sign with a gentle suggestion: “Please don’t forget your One Can A Week food donation for the Community Food Bank,” those folks living the harried life can be encouraged to pause a second and think about the needy.

This is a good lesson for One Can A Week. Subtly works in the neighborhoods where participants are quietly thanked or reminded to donate food each week. Rosemary discovered subtly will work everywhere One Can A Week is introduced. Hunger is a long-term problem and perhaps by simply prompting folks respectfully each and every week we can create a long-term solution.

May Day on Their Minds
Pool parties were the order of the day last Sunday so lots of folks were out enjoying the incredible weather. No matter, we still collected enough food to top a basket.

We collected a total of 164 lbs. of food. The money we donated amounted to $33.50, $8.50 in cash and a $25.00 check.

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