Monday, March 28, 2011

116th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,
We’re Feeding Some Families Now!
Our quarterly food donation numbers always look impressive; however, they are just numbers. This quarter I’ve decided to state our quarterly results as we have in the past (see chart below) but this time, take an additional look at all of our numbers over the past 116 weeks and put a face on them, so to speak.

Based on 1.3 lbs. per meal, the total amount of the food we collected could feed 6,506 people three meals in one day. That breaks down to about 56 people each week. Since approximately 130 Miles families participate in One Can A Week each and every Sunday, two of our neighborhood families are helping feed one needy person each week.

Considering the Community Food Bank’s buying power of $9 to $1, the amount of money donated by the Miles Neighborhood is the equivalent of $48,344.04 in food and services.

It only takes one coordinator and three volunteers to collect the food. The total time spent weekly collecting and delivering the food to the Community Food Bank is approximately 7 hours.

These numbers say a lot about our neighborhood. Mostly that Miles is a bit of a paradise where caring for the needs of other is just part of our weekly routine.

Miles Neighborhood 2011 First Quarter Food Collection Results
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So many Pinto Beans
A Miles Street neighbor asked his friend on the way to Costco to pick up “some” Pinto Beans for he and his son. Either he forgot what it means to go to Costco or his friend wants them to become Vegan.

Twenty-five pounds of Pinto Beans for two people is a lot of Pinto Beans and since the Food Bank only takes unopened packages, our Miles neighbor decided others could benefit more from his bean bonanza.

We collected a total of 206 lbs. of food. The money we donated amounted to $38.50, $8.50 in cash and a $30.00 check.

See you Sunday.


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