Monday, March 21, 2011

115th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,
One Can A Week
Now in the Great State of Virginia

On the 16th I received an email from Bill Carnegie, the Community Food Bank CEO talking about one motivating aspect of One Can A Week.

He wrote, “Your concept is simple, yet dramatic. Often times people feel discouraged when they hear how many men, women and children are in need.

“They don't feel they can make a difference. Your concept allows them to make a difference for a local family in need. Every can and every dollar makes a difference.”

Bill must be clairvoyant. The next day, Thursday, I heard from Sandra Sullivan, Chair Food Pantry Transition Committee in Stanardsville, Virginia. She is charged with increasing the size for the community food bank in her area because there is such an increased need.

“We have been running a food pantry since 1995,” Sandra wrote, “and suddenly in May of 2008, two local plants shut down without notice, and the requests for food skyrocketed and hasn't stopped since.

“Our donations have kept pace with the need, but we have outgrown the church facilities where we have operated free all of these years, and suddenly must raise money in addition to food.

“Last night I was invited to make a presentation on our several food programs to the "Domestic Divas", a local social club that I knew nothing about until they invited me. As a group they are supporting another charity on a monthly basis, but if they each went back to their neighborhoods and started your program, that would be really exciting.

“This morning I was looking for ideas for flyers and ran across your "one can a week program". It sounds perfect! I believe that will "catch on" in our county!”

Our One Can A Week program is in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and now Virginia. Can’t wait to list all fifty states.

Surprising Sunday
The great thing about my Miles neighbors is they are very consistent. And then they are not. For no special reason we doubled what we normally contribute which is about 168 lbs. a week. This week we donated lots of fruit, spuds and even some garden grown onions besides a basket brimming with cans and jars and boxes.

We collected a total of 356 lbs. of food, including 42 lbs. from The Axis Food Mart. The money we donated amounted to $32.50, $12.50 in cash and a $30.00 check.

See you Sunday,


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