Monday, March 14, 2011

114th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,
Off To A Great Start
Emy Sladek’s little boy Teak just helped his family deliver their
One Can A Week neighborhood food donation to the
Desert Mission Food Bank in Phoenix.
Teaching Kids To Be Grateful
Remember Phoebe Fox? She lives in Phoenix and started a One Can A Week program in her neighborhood some time ago. Recently she added to her success by encouraging her friend Emy to help feed hungry folks also.

Today I got an email from Emy who began One Can A Week five weeks ago. She is collecting food from her neighbors and educating them at the same time on the many programs and aspects of the Desert Mission Food Bank. It sounds so fresh, too, because she is just reporting back on what she just learned.

“Hi all!
We had a really awesome first trip to the Desert Mission Food Bank yesterday! After 4 weeks collecting "One Can A Week" I'm proud to announce that our little 13th Pl contributed 41 lbs of canned goods!

“After weighing our donation the director took us on a tour and explained how things work there. I was so impressed! It's really a nice set up, very clean and orderly. They have a small staff and over 75 volunteers. It was such an upbeat and cheery atmosphere! They have different programs all centered around feeding

those in need with respect and dignity. I encourage you to go check out the Desert Mission Food Bank 4th Street Market.

“I also learned that they not only take canned goods, plastic bags, and citrus... but will also take any extra fresh grown garden produce and dog, cat, and bird food!”

Emy then closed her email thanking her neighbors for helping her raise her two young children, Teak and Payson.

“As parents we strive so hard to teach our kids to be grateful. To appreciate what they have and to give to others in need. Thank you for helping me instill that in my kids. And helping our community food bank! It really does mean so much!”

Once in a while I get a little discourage because One Can A Week is not growing as fast as I think it should. Then I get these terrific little emails and realize I just have to wait for those One Can A Week little guys to grow up to make things really happen.

And thumbs up to you too, Teak!

Inedible Good Stuff
Squash, bananas and lots of cans ended up in the cart this week. But we also donated Q-Tips, a bunch of dog food, shower gel and deodorant (top left). These personal items are need also so if you’re thinking of regifting something you don’t want or need, why not regift it to the food bank.

We collected a total of 172 lbs. of food. The money we donated amounted to $33.50, $8.50 in cash and a $25.00 check.

See you Sunday,

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