Monday, February 14, 2011

110th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,
A Spectacularly Ordinary Day!

Every time I sit down to write I get to relive Adam (on the left) and Molly enjoying the sights and sounds at the St. Philip’s Plaza a few summers ago. The photo is the most positive screensaver I’ve ever had and their image puts me in the right mood almost immediately. But today I was more interested in finding an idea to write about than appreciating the moment.

Since opening the Axis Food Mart at 7 am, I had been contemplating different idea …some related to food; some not. Should the Egyptian Army be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? Or how come the turnout at the Hi Corbett Field “Tucson Has Heart” photo shoot Sunday was far less than the predicted 12,000 participants? I was looking for something provocative. Soon I was settling on just interesting but nothing was happening.

After work ended at 1 pm and lunch at 2 pm, I drove our Sunday collection to the Community Food Bank. Keith was there to help me and I had all of the food logged in by 2:30. With the window down on the drive back home, the weather and the warm breezes were starting to work their magic on me. What an incredible day! My flu is nearly gone, my neighbors and I just fed a lot of hungry folks so what am I stressing about?

We collected a total of 200 lbs. of food, including 12 lbs. from The Axis Food Mart. The money we donated amounted to $21.00 in cash. Add to those 200 lbs., another 174 lbs. from the Miles School, the Sunflower Market and the Rincon Market. We just dropped off 374 lbs. of food.

In the short 15-minute drive to my home, I had a complete attitude adjustment. The rest of the afternoon and early evening consisted of a one-hour nap, a long walk with the pups at the Williams Center and a tasty dinner of enhanced Campbell’s Healthy Request Chicken with Rice soup. (I toss in a whole bunch more chicken and reduce the recommended water by half.) Mmmmm…good!

Now that I understand and appreciate what today was really all about, I’m ready to write. And you know, that’s another great think about today … I finished writing even before I began.

See you next Sunday.


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