Monday, January 24, 2011

107th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

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One Can A Week Goes to School

Rebecca Lipson spent a significant amount of time and energy over the holidays setting up her One Can A Week program at the Miles School. It all came together Friday and everything worked perfectly. So perfectly in fact, the Miles School’s first One Can A Week donation amounted to 242 lbs. Amazing!

Rebecca Lipson with 242 lbs. of food
When I arrived Friday afternoon, Rebecca’s classroom felt like an opening scene of a Broadway play…kids weighing food on the side of the room, kids checking “Best By’ dates at the tables and Rebecca quietly choreographing all of her minions' giggling, chattering and scurrying about.

Rebecca’s two afternoon middle school classes are responsible for the physical collection of the food throughout the school. They visit each classroom with the bright orange shopping cart provided by the Community Food Bank. The kids are planning to trick out the cart with a new paint job and a Mustang hubcap ornament to cover the front. The Mustang is their school mascot so why not.

A couple of teachers stopped by to thank me for introducing the program to the Miles School. I assured them that that is all I did. Rebecca made it happen.

A classroom filled with boxes filled with food.

Basket loaded and ready to roll

More Schools on the Horizon
It’s probably a good time to apologize again to Rodney Glassman for doubting his suggestion of a One Can A Week school program. I now know that all we need is a Rebecca Lipson in each school in town and a huge amount of food can be collected for the Community Food Bank each week.

Tomorrow afternoon I am meeting with Krista Gypton and her team at the Cienega High School in Vail. This is another Rodney introduction. We are discussing the next steps to implement the Vail School District One Can A Week program. How great is that, Rodney? I know, you told me so.

Something for the kittens, too.
Something for the Kittens, Too
This week there was a lot of variety including big boxes of cereal, potatoes, oranges by the score and one 14 lb. container of kitty litter. With food in short supply I know a hungry family will really appreciate the thoughtfulness of the cat person who provided the Tidy Cat Litter.

We collected a total of 290 lbs. of food, including 80 lbs. of produce, 14 lbs. of non food items and 6 lbs. from The Axis Food Mart. The money we donated amounted to $107.50 … $80.00 in checks and $27.50 in cash. These figures included the donations I forgot to turn in last week.

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