Monday, October 25, 2010

94th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,

More Families Fed
PJ on Miles Street set our first collection record at a championship Roller Derby tournament on November 16, 2009 where the fans donating 189.5 lbs. (342 lbs. weekly total) to the Community Food Bank. His record will always stand in our record books because it was the very first humongous food donation initiated by one person. Maen Mdnant at the Axis Food Mart has broken PJ’s record a number of times but he out did himself this week with a 394 lb. forklift-sized donation.

Over the past 8 months, Maen asked his wholesalers a number of times to give him their slightly outdated merchandise and he will donate it to the Community Food Bank. They stop by his store every week, so they could just drop it off instead of throwing it away. Maen’s message is getting through because his wholesalers see he is very serious about taking care of folks. He cleaned up the Miles Neighborhood by strongly encouraging the homeless to vacate the alleys and bus benches where they used to drink and fall asleep. The homeless are gone now from the Miles Neighborhood so his next project is to boost the donations to the Food Bank. Just give him a little time; he will do that, too.

We collected a total of 576 lbs. of food, including 394 lbs. from the Axis Food Mart. The money we donated amounted to $79.00 … a $50.00 check and $29.00 in cash.

Perhaps Too Much Routine
Last week I nearly forgot Al’s donation. Well, I did forget it until he called me. This week I decided to energize my route a bit and call on some new neighbors who recently moved into the neighborhood. These folks are totally new to the program, meaning the former neighbors who moved out never participated. Generally I call on the “replacements” right away because I have a story to tell the new neighbors. I found they are more easily convinced to participate when they are made aware of “the tradition,” at their address.

On the other hand, new folks remind me of the old days when I had to be extra charming in hopes that they would help The Community Food Bank. For me, extra charming can be tiring, you know.

The first new neighbor I met was backing out of her driveway and saw the Cabriolet. Of course, I was dawdling a bit hopeful she would be curious about my mission. We made eye contact and she invited me over to her SUV. Within seconds of my explanation, she said she would participate starting this coming Sunday.

This success encouraged me to make another stop as I headed for lunch. These neighbors were outside their front door building a large doghouse for their two pups. Adam, Molly and I had already met their pups on a recent walk. When I mentioned this fact, one of the young ladies said, “Oh, I know who you are, I’ve seen you with your dogs.” See, just like when I started. They open up the moment they learn I’m the guy the Westies lead as they sniff their way around the neighborhood.

The new neighbors gave me two cans and promised to have more waiting for me next week. Great, a new routine. Thanks, Al.

See you Sunday,


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