Monday, September 20, 2010

89th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,

Winterhaven Festival of Lights Plan B
If you haven’t heard, Winterhaven has a $50,000 budget shortfall and may not be able to turn the lights on this year. The City of Tucson just cut the Winterhaven budget of $60,000 completely from the city’s budget to accommodate its own shortfall. Jim Tofel a Winterhaven resident and spokesperson said the money goes to pay for security for the two-week event.

The off-duty police officers who provide that much needed security will miss the extra holiday cash, but the organization most affected by the Christmas lights blackout is the Community Food Bank. According to Bill Carnegie, President/CEO, the festival is the second largest food donation program they have. Last year Winterhaven donated 33,000 lbs. of food and $23,000 in cash.

More Numbers
On average, there are 155,000 visitors to the Winerhaven Festival of Lights each year. Taking into consideration last year’s donations for the Community Food Bank, each visitor gave 0.2 lbs. of food and $0.15 cents. This means I can be 100 visitors and donate 20 lbs. of food and $15.00 in cash.

I know by December 6th —7 weeks from now—I can come up with that amount of food and money. How many of you think you can also? You may include others, too, such as work buddies and schoolmates. The Community Food Bank can’t take this hit. But more important, the hungry folks and their kids the Food Bank supports would be crushed.

Of course, I will be happy to take your Festival of Lights donation to the Food Bank whenever you are ready. Or you can drop it off at the Axis Food Mart. Everyone who participates in the Festival of Lights donation program will be listed on the Bobby Rich Bobby’s Buddies web site. This reward could turn from something nice to something special if my plans work out.

Meet and Greet
Kym was running up and down the cliffs of the Grand Canyon this weekend so I got to see my 13th Street neighbors again. Several came out to greet me as I drove up and it reminded me of the opening scene in Oliver Twist were lots of busy neighbors are out and about saying hello. I often have Oliver Twist on my mind when I make my Sunday rounds.

We collected a total of 192 lbs. of food, including 56 pounds of produce. The money we donated amounted to $70.40 … one $25.00 check, $17.00 from the Axis Food Mart and $28.40 in cash.

See you Sunday.


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