Tuesday, September 7, 2010

87th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,

We Are the Answer
Income inequity has been with us a long time. Just before the Great Depression it was running rampant. The top 1% gathered in 18% of the nation’s income. When the Depression did arrive so did 25% unemployment and bread lines. It was terrible for millions upon millions of Americans. Right now, today, the One Percenters capture 24% of the income. That means it is worse and we’re in a very stubborn recession. What could possibly happen?

I’ve been reading Timothy Noah’s multi-part article on Slate.com called The Great Divergence: What’s Causing America’s Growing Income Inequity? The articles are well written and explain a whole lot about what we’re experiencing every day. For instance to quote Timothy, “The deep nostalgia for that period (1950s and 1960s) felt by the World War II generation—the era of Life magazine and the bowling league—reflects something more than mere sentimentality. Assuming you were white, not of draft age, and Christian, there probably was no better time to belong to America's middle class.” That’s the America older folks have been yelling at us to go back to. We’re not that America any more and we can’t go back.

What we can do is keep on doing what we have been doing which is not much. This will surely increase the ranks of the needy, the hungry and the unemployed. And many of us could join them with a slight twist of fate.

So what’s the answer? It is what the answer has always been and one we skillfully avoid. Vote.

We all have to vote en masse…not just a few now and again. The good it does is it will frighten the One Percenters who will leave our money, our homes, our social security and our jobs alone.

Think of this, now that there are so many unemployed, management does not have to listen to demands. They just replace strikers with hungry unemployed folks at half the rate. It’s happening at a Mott’s Apple Juice factory in New York. Chalk up another one for the One Percenters.

Or on election day, chalk one up for us because just pushing a button or filling in a box for your candidate makes you a very powerful person in America. And when we stand tightly together no one can pick our pockets.

Bobby’s Buddies Web Site Sounding Good
Every Wednesday we will now post the audio of Bobby Rich’s on-air community service comments.If you miss the Wednesday show, you can listen anytime you have time. (See red arrow below.)

Last week Bobby talked about The Golden Rule and a sixth grade class where only one student could recite the axiom from memory. Click on the link to listen and you will be surprised and perhaps startled that 12-year-olds are not learning an important lesson in life.

This Wednesday (tomorrow) at 7:50 am Bobby will talk about everyone’s favorite subject…Money and Generosity. There’s a surprise in this discussion, too. Who knew that money had that much control?

Babies, Dogs and Teeth
Believe this is our second diaper run but we’ve donated lots of pet food and toothpaste. All very good items.

We collected a total of 190 lbs. of food, including 74 pounds of produce. The money we donated amounted to $52.45…$20 from the Axis Food Mart, one checks for $25.00 and $7.45 in cash.

See you Sunday.


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