Monday, July 26, 2010

81st Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,

Well, it took 81 weeks but we reached a point in our One Can A Week trek through time and the Mile Neighborhood where nothing exciting, interesting or thoughtful happened. So I opted for the next best thing.

Cat got your tongue?
Sunday was very quiet. It wasn’t until my 15th or so pickup when I saw Kelly watering her plants. I was across the street paying attention to what she was saying as I reached the neighbor’s porch and looked down. In the usual spot where I often find a huge box of noodles, I saw two cans situated in the middle of a brand new cat litter box. And it had a scooper. What do I do now? I thought. Is this a mistake? Do I take the cans and leave the box? Do I take everything? It’s new so it’s no mistake. I know, I’ll leave a note on the back of the Thank You card. “If I took this by mistake just call me and I’ll bring it back.” Lots of hungry folks would appreciate a new litter box for their kitten. This is a nice gesture. Sure hope is was a gesture.

The guys at the food bank on Monday didn’t even blink when I handed them the litter box. Their reaction was so ordinary. And I did not get a phone call so guess it wasn’t a mistake or a big deal except to me.

We collected a total of 176 lbs. of food including 50 lbs. of produce. In addition, there were 6 lbs. of non-food items; e.g., the cat litter box above. The money we donated amounted to $54.00…two checks for $30, $14 in cash and $10 from the Axis Food Mart.

See you Sunday,


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