Monday, June 28, 2010

77th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,

As with everything in life, consistency is the key to success. We learned that lesson as children when we read the story about the Tortoise and the Hare. We’re proving it again as adults with our One Can A Week neighborhood food donation program. Last year we collected over 9,200 lbs. of food. We are only half way through 2010 and our total so far is 7,452.5 lbs. In addition, we are influencing others to get involved in helping the Community Food Bank like the kids at the Los Amigos Elementary School who gave us 122 lbs. of food this week.

We are very proud of our neighbors because you are really keeping up the good work.

Barbara, Kym, Lenny and Peter

Miles Neighborhood 2010 Second Quarter
Food Donations to
The Community Food Bank

Because We Care
On June 8th, I was invited by our neighbor Zaida Meraz—a resource teacher for the Gifted and Talented at the Los Amigos Elementary School—to speak to the kids in the summer school program about One Can A Week. They were studying Service, Learning and Kindness with a special emphasis on helping the folks at the Community Food Bank. The end result of the three week program was a bunch of very excited kids (see photo above) and 122 lbs. of donated food.

They used two large boxes to collect the food which were
“really ugly” the kids thought so they decorated them with lots of cutout art to hide the fact that the boxes were just boxes. During the process, Mrs. Merza asked the students why they were getting so involved in the project and they said, without prompting, “Because we care.”

One Can A Week was such a positive experience for both the teachers and their students that they are considering getting the whole school involved with the Community Food Bank and its community outreach programs. That, I can tell you, will be good for everyone.

Powerful End to the Quarter
With a lot of help from the students at the Los Amigos Elementary School (basket on the left), we finished our second quarter with 274 lbs. of food. This gave us a grand total of 7,452.5 lbs. since the first of the year. When you calculate 1.3 lbs. for a single meal that translates into 1,910 folks we fed 3 meals in one day. Amazing!
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