Tuesday, June 1, 2010

73rd Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,

No Plan B
The other day a neighbor asked me, “When are you going to start to make money with One Can A Week”. The question surprised me and I curtly replied, “Never.”

One Can A Week is a low cost idea involving ink for a printer, a little shoe leather and some gas. The truth is I would feel awful if I were paid and kids were going hungry. I feel awful as it is when I think about those hungry kids.

My plan is to just keep collecting food from my neighbors and when possible, talk to folks in other neighborhoods to see if I can encourage them to think about those hungry kids, too.

And based on a phone call I got today, my plan seems to be working.

Zaida is one of our neighbors and a teacher at the Los Amigos Elementary school this summer. In her class of 60 some students she is going to focus on Service, Learning and Kindness. Her follow up email explained more. “As a resident of the Miles neighborhood I have seen your dedication towards making a difference in our community. I would like my students to learn that one person can make a difference. Our students at Los Amigos Elementary come from low income neighborhoods in the south side of Tucson. They are often the ones receiving aid. I want to empower them by giving them the opportunity to be the ones helping rather than receiving the help.”

This Is So Great…For Three Reasons
When there is a problem that exists for generations like hunger in America, kids are the solution. The more kids hear about the workings of the Community Food Bank and how they can really get involved right now to help the situation, the more empowered they will feel.

Also, when kids hear that one simple idea—backed up with commitment and resolve—is what really makes the world go round, the more empowered they will feel.

Lastly, the more I can reach out to teach kids a better way of life that includes helping their neighbors feed their hungry kids, the more empowered I'm going to feel.

Speaking of Talking to Folks
If you are in a group or know of an organization that is looking for speakers, I will be happy to talk to them about One Can A Week. And as you read last week, I even have a pretty good opening joke.

A Little Bit of Everything
Some bread, fruit, dog food and hand soap ended up in our Memorial Day holiday weekend collection for a grand total of 169 lbs. of food, which included 12 lbs. from the Axis Food Mart, 3 lbs. of non-food and $26 in cash. That’s a pretty impressive amount of food considering a bunch of folks were away for the long weekend.

See you Sunday,


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