Monday, May 3, 2010

69th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,

Another Simple Idea
Last week Brian Williams featured a woman named Rosemary Peterson in his Nightly News broadcast. She is a school bus drive for Somerset Elementary School in Brighton, Florida. The kids call her Ms. Kookyi because of her penchant to hand out cookies.

Ms. Kookyi was distressed by the racket and disrespect she had experienced on her bus for years. In fact, she was thinking about quitting when she got an idea. Why not have the kids read books while they ride her bus and then give her a book report on what they had read? A silly idea, right? Nope. It worked even to the amazement of the kids.

Click on the link HERE to see the whole story. To fix America’s civility problem you have to start with the kids. I’m proud of Ms. Kookyi and you will be, too, after you see the video. Also, you may come up with an idea of your own to solve another unsettling problem. And why not, it only has to be simple.

A Decent Guy at a Decent Hour
On Wednesday, April 26th I had a great TV interview with Bob Lee who heads up the In Focus community service program on KTTU-18. Bob knew a lot about the Community Food Bank and he did extensive research on One Can A Week. So his questions and our overall conversation was fun and very interesting. The best part is In Focus with Bob Lee airs this Sunday, May 9 at 10:30 AM on KTTU-18.

I won’t even have to set my alarm to catch this one and neither will you. If you like, you can read a synopsis of our discussion at

Up and Running
Bobby Rich’s web site is ready for primetime. One Can A Week has its own page and lists our collection results as of this Monday. The Axis Food Mart also has a page.

As Bobby’s Buddies grows, other organizations such as the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona and the Rincon Market will show their weekly donation results, too.

That is the whole point of Bobby’s Buddies. If we can get lots of Tucsonans to do just a little…consistently, we can accomplish a great deal each week and nobody will be exhausted or burned out by community service. And, too, we can all read about everyone’s achievements on Bobby’s Buddies. Recognition is such a good thing!

Full Basket Every Week
You’d think it would be boring after collecting donations for 69 straight weeks but I am here to tell you it is not. Actually, it’s fun because I always find food. In the back of my mind is the reality that this is America and no one is forcing anyone to do anything.

I could be disappointed at every turn but I’m not and I get a surprise every Sunday. Maybe you are surprised that I seem to never go away either.

This is the first time in my life I like the status quo. So glad you do, too.

We collected an impressive 276 lbs. of food this week: 142 lbs. in food, 6 lbs. in non food items (dog and cat food and shampoo), $20 in cash and 134 lbs. from The Axis Food Mart.

See you Sunday,


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