Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SPECIAL 66th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Again Folks,

Beginning of Bobby’s Buddies
This morning at 7:50 am, Bobby Rich on The Bobby Rich Morning MIXfm radio show launched his personal community service program and asked all of his listener-neighbors to help make a difference here in Tucson.

Bobby's Buddies is not a formal organization like a nonprofit, foundation or charity,” Bobby wrote on his MIXfm web page. “In fact, there will be no fund raising or paid staff for my organization—just neighbors helping neighbors who really need it.”

Bobby's Buddies,” he added, “are people like you and me coming together to help specific causes near us. This can be the hungry with our One Can A Week project or the diaperless with the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona or other community needs.

“We can make Bobby's Buddies a "civil" undertaking where we have high purpose and selflessness.

“We, as Bobby's Buddies, can effortlessly move together once a week for a few hours in our individual neighborhoods and help our neighbors help. At the same time, we will be building our communities and teaching our children a better way forward.”

Open to everyone, but…
Bobby’s Buddies is for anyone who wants to get involved in community service. Visit Bobby’s web page and take the simple quiz to help you determine if becoming one of Bobby’s Buddies is right for you. The single essential requirement is consistency which means doing something every week to help your neighbors help.

After answering the six quiz questions, think about how you’d like to get involved in community service. Lastly, send Bobby Rich an email and tell him what you’d like to do. That’s all it takes to become one of Bobby’s Buddies.

The Hardest Working Styrofoam Cup in Charity
Noelle was off two weeks ago and no one knew where she put the weekly Community Food Bank money pouch. Obviously in a safe place.

Last Saturday Noelle was there and I was handed two really stuffed pouches. One for the week she was off and one for the past week.

It took me an hour to count and roll all of the dollars and coins. When I finished I had $221.35. That means the Rincon Market’s little Styrofoam cup collected over $110 a week in donations. Think about it, a year on the job and that little cup will generate more than $5,700 for the food bank. Wonder where we can place other little Styrofoam cups? Actually, this sounds like a job for one of Bobby’s Buddies.

Yes, We Have No Bananas, Oranges or Lemons
The three Circle Ks decided not to participate any more in our One Can A Week program and the fruit trees ended their season of giving so we are now back to our normal level of Miles generosity which is still pretty darn good. We collected 176 lbs. of food which includes 30 lbs. from the Axis Food Mart and $9.00 in cash.

See you Sunday.


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