Tuesday, February 16, 2010

58th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,

Simple Request
Last Tuesday I got an email from Arthur Delaney, a reporter for the Huffington Post in D.C. He wrote, “Peter, would you be willing to speak again to the Huffington Post? I've been following your email updates and would like to do a story this week, if you're willing.”

If I’m willing? I was ready to hunt down a pair of snowshoes because I knew DC was snowbound. But no need, Arthur was stranded at home and his phone and email were working perfectly.

Arthur, if you remember, wrote a story about One Can A Week on November 20, 2009 called How to End Hunger One Neighborhood At A Time. He’s been reading our weekly updates and liked our Sunday rain storm story last week.

Also, he wanted to talk to other folks in the country who have taken up the One Can A Week challenge. I provided some names and he did his research. The result was a terrific news story published Monday called Yes He Can: 'One Can A Week' Program Inspires Imitators. By the way, he has got to be one of the fastest writers in the world because he called to have me send him the Cabriolet photo just about the time he began to write the story. Two hours later he posted his article.

We’re lucky to know Arthur Delaney because he really likes the idea of One Can A Week and our very neighborly neighborhood. And he’s not a fair weather friend either. His last paragraph says it all.

“HuffPost readers: Is there a One Can A Week program in your neighborhood? Are you starting one? Tell us about it -- email arthur@huffingtonpost.com.”

We’re not going away ... and neither is Arthur.

One Can A Week in the Motor City
While checking our blog’s traffic on Google Analytics I noticed a visitor reference site called liveunitedsem.org that wasn’t familiar to me. The moment the site opened, however, I recognized it immediately. It was United Way of Southeastern Michigan. They adopted our One Can A Week food donation program and were encouraging Southeastern Michigan neighbors to volunteer. In their copy they also described exactly what to expect.

“One Can-a-Week is a bigger commitment than your typical food drive, but the benefits are much greater as well. Not only does your neighborhood program provide your local food bank with a sustainable source of donations, but the program helps you develop long-term relationships with your neighbors. And studies show that neighborhoods with strong community organizations are safer to live in and have higher property values.”

Great copy and what a pleasant surprise to see the United Way logo on the Thank You card. Hope other influential charitable organizations follow suit.

Just Like Clockwork
After 58 weeks everybody is really into One Can A Week which makes our jobs so much fun and so easy. The food is on the porch or hanging on the door knobs. If not, a knock on the door and a pleasant little conversation later, it’s off to the next home. I’m never giving up this job and I know neither are Barbara, Kym and Lenny.

We collected 279 lbs. of food and $25.50 in cash this week with 47 lbs. of the total contributed by the shoppers at the Axis Food Mart.

See you Sunday,


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