Monday, October 26, 2009

42nd Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,

The Neighborhood Gets Even More Neighborly
Josie Zapata and her small dedicated crew did a wonderful job putting the Family Fun Night together this past Sunday at the Miles School. There were families in attendance from all corners of the neighborhood. And it was especially pleasing to see folks from the Chico Arroyo Apartments join in the fun.

The next Family Fun Night will be held on December 8th. Not sure what the theme is but who cares, Josie’s parties are always fun. Please mark you calendars but don’t worry, we will send you a reminder or three.

Nothing Left to Do but Enjoy
Josie Zapata (right) spent a month planning for the Family Fun Night on Sunday at the Miles School playground and then sat down to let the late afternoon event unfold. There were plenty of pumpkins and pumpkin-carving enthusiasts to make this neighborhood get together a great success.

Kids Carve Away
Josie said she confiscated the three sharpest knives from the
stack of pumpkin carving knives but no one seemed to notice the dull blades as they jumped right into the task at hand. Even scraping out the messy insides and seeds was more fun than a chore.

Parents Carve Away, Too
Kids big enough to carve their own pumpkin got to go ahead on their own. Smaller kids stood back as their parents quickly got immersed in designing scary pumpkin faces. There was lots of conversation on drying of the pumpkin seeds and the baking of pumpkin pies but the little guys kept their focus and pushed their folks to hurry up and finish the job.

Holiday Art
No pumpkin artist at the Family Fun Night was ever completely satisfied with his
or her creation. In fact, as soon as a completed Jack-O’- Lantern was put on display the artist quickly grabbed another pumpkin and started leafing through the design catalog for inspiration. In no time at all the lid was popped off of the Sharpie and the pumpkin, too.

Sam Hughes Neighborhood “Quality of Life” Action Plan Meeting
One Can A Week has been invited to the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association meeting on Wednesday, October 28th at 6 pm. It will be held in the Hardesty Midtown Conference Room located at 1100 S. Alvernon Way which is near the corner of 22nd Street.
Barbara Farragut and I will have a One Can A Week display table so we can explain our “neighborhood-uniting food donation program” to our Sam Hughes neighbors.

This meeting is the culmination of a summer-long study that focused on crime in their upscale neighborhood and ways to implement a positive change. One Can A Week is going to be presented as one approach to building community involvement. If any of you would like to attend to help Barbara and me tell our Miles Neighborhood story, just give me a call and I can make arrangements.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if our whole neighborhood showed up? We wouldn’t have to say a word. The Tucson Police Department would say it all for us. “See that’s how you diminish crime in a neighborhood. Everybody looks out for each other.”

Monster Shopping Cart
Look at the size of that thing. Empty the cart weighs 66 lbs. But we still filled it to the brim with potatoes, individually wrapped sweet buns and toiletries for a grand total of 196 lbs. We also donated $16.00 in cash. Generally people hand us their cash donations but this week there were a couple of dollars in a couple of the plastic bags left on the porch. Now I check every bag just to see if there is an added surprise. Thanks for making this job even more fun.

See you next Sunday.


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