Monday, October 19, 2009

41st Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,

Another Week Without Bobby
Although Bobby could have made the rounds Sunday, he still had a cough when I went to pick him up at 11:30. He stood back about 5 feet from the car and said he didn’t want to risk infecting me. Really considerate kid!

About 10 minutes later I saw Bobby walking with three of his buddies toward the park. The first thought that raced through my mind was unkind to say the least, but then I heard a couple of them along with Bobby coughing now and again as they walked. I went back to my “good kid” assessment and drove to my next stop.

Together again
Barbara Farragut, a long time Mile resident, remembers when the neighborhood held an annual block party on 12th Street. What she can’t remember is when they stopped or why. She thinks somewhere between when she moved to California years ago and when she came back to take care of her ailing father. "Those block parties were fun and really something," she said.

The block parties came up in our conversation about Josie Zapata’s Family Fun Night scheduled for this coming Sunday, the 25th. Barbara thought it really nice that community get togethers were starting up again.

As I waved goodbye to Barbara and headed toward Miles I thought about why community events die or any social event, for that matter. An hour and a half later when I finished my rounds and left Manlove Street for home a thought rolled into my mind. These events are really not traditions, they are projects managed by people. So I'm thinking, when a neighborhood like Miles finds an event manager like Josie it is wise to support her efforts.

Above is the Invitation Flyer I put together announcing the Mile Neighborhood Family Fun Night.

Next Sunday as another friendly reminder, Barbara, Kym, Lenny and I will hand out these flyers or attach them to your door. Then at 4 pm, with a pumpkin tucked neatly under your arm and family in tow, just head on over to the school playground. You can also bring other goodies if you like and the little ones in their Halloween costumes. They’ll love that because they get to wear their outfit twice.

The last neighborhood get together Josie put on was a very pleasant success. I’m not much of a partygoer but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Keeping in Shape with One Can A Week
The folks in the Villa Hermosa Activities Office came up with a unique way for the residents to increase their donations to the Community Food Bank and keep healthy and fit at the same time. They told the residents that the staff will match their can donation if 10 residents each walk 40 laps around the Villa Hermosa building by Thursday, October 22nd. Today Jack Steindler, an Old Pueblo Rotary Club member and resident said that they collected 40 cans which is double what they normally do each week. “People gave more,” Jack said, “because they wanted to take advantage of the staffs’ terrific offer. And I’m proud that everyone at Villa Hermosa is getting involved with One Can A Week. The staff created this idea, you know.” Jack rolled his eyes and sighed, “Now we have to go exercise to earn those cans. I know this is good for us, but…”

Just Like a Family Shopping List
This week we donated tuna, cereal, canned beans, 100 watt bulbs (near the cart’s handle), dish washing detergent and canned dog food. All of the items amounted to 174 lbs. in addition to a $25 check and $8 in cash.

If you have something lying around the house that you think someone could use to make his or her life a little easier, put it on the porch. As a rule of thumb, if the non food item can be found in a supermarket, there’s a good chance the Community Food Bank can put it to good use.

See you next Sunday.


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