Monday, April 6, 2009

13th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,

We continue to collect more and more food each week and I am sure Kym, Barbara and Lenny have something to do with it. Either the cans they are picking up are getting bigger or they are charming an extra box of spaghetti or can of tuna out of their neighbors, Whatever it is, it keeps me smiling. This week the totals were 88 lbs of fruit, 186 lbs of food (8 lbs. more than last week), 18 lbs. of non food items and a $5.00 donation.

On Sunday we also delivered a printed report to our neighbors on how much food we have collected over the last quarter. The feedback was very positive. They liked knowing the totals and look forward to the next report. See the report in the 12th Week Update. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

CFB Receipt Book
Shown here is the official Community Food Bank receipt book. Each week we get a receipt listing all of our donations. This is the informa-tion that is tabulated in the quarterly report. (Click to enlarge.)

Here's some really good news. This coming Sunday, Aisling from the Barrio San Antonio Neighborhood next door will begin collecting One Can A Week from her neighbors for the Community Food Bank. Barrio San Antonio is the first official neighborhood to join us in our quest to eliminate hunger here in Tucson. If you have friends or family in the Barrio, please give them a call and tell them to expect a visit from Aisling. It's always a little difficult making those cold calls, neighbors or not, so I am sure any help we can give her will really be appreciated.

Safeway Supermarket
This Saturday Barbara and I will have a little booth in front of the Safeway Supermarket from about 11:30 am to 3 pm. We will present our One Can A Week program to anyone who will listen.
Come by if you have a chance. We think this will be a great opportunity to speak to people from other neighborhoods and I think with Barbara's very friendly approach, I'm sure many will be happy to participant. (Click graphic to enlarge.)

Also, once Safeway sees the response, they may allow us to set up every Saturday. After all, our program sells at least one more can a week to those customers who join the program.

Kiwanis Luncheon
It was fun presenting to the Kiwanis Club on Thursday. The members liked the idea and a few said they would think about it. If I hear back I'll let you know. Besides the tasty free lunch, I got a chance to practice my spiel about One Can A Week and... I now own a smart ballpoint pen with Kiwanis printed in gold on the barrel.

See you next Sunday.


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