Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Third Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Weekly Food Collection Project

January 26, 2009

Hi Folks,

Every week the response and enthusiasm for the Community Food Bank drive gets stronger and stronger here in the Miles Neighborhood. This past Sunday I collected around 60 pounds of food and 5 pounds of toiletries. (The CFB weighs each separately.) Two weeks ago when I first started the food I collected weighed 20 lbs.

My bag got so heavy I had to go unload at my home in order to continue. This is not a complaint mind you, it's kind of a thrill. Some people suggested I get a little red wagon. One gentleman said I might think about modifying a golf bag cart. I like this idea because the cart has big wheels and can take the bumps better.

As you know, while making my rounds, I stop by new houses and sign up new neighbors so next week will be even more productive. I figure by late March I will make it around to everyone in our neighborhood.

This past week I noticed people are getting pretty creative in how they put out their food donation. One gentleman placed the can on the front wall so I didn't have to go up his sidewalk to the porch. Somebody hung a plastic shopping bag on the gate. Another filled a basket and placed it on a table near the door. It's turning into an Easter Egg hunt every Sunday which adds to the fun.

On another front, my friend Beth has begun collecting food in her neighborhood. She lives way east off Tanque Verde on a street in a subdivision. Those she talked to signed up to donate one can a week. She figures all 14 homes on her street will participate then she will move down the road to other streets.

Beth is a great organizer and manager so she has structured her program differently. She makes the initial contact but appoints another person to make the Sunday pickups. She's got a tight work schedule but she wanted to get involved with community service and wanted to help the Community Food Bank in its time of need. She said her decision to delegate the collection process had nothing to do with those darn heavy cans. Just kidding, Beth.

If you saw the news today you probably heard that thousands more across the country lost their jobs. This makes helping the Community Food Bank even more pressing. If you know someone or some organization I should talk to about our "One can a week" program, please pass it along to me. If you want to make a presentation to a group, I'll be happy to go along and help. We've got a lot of people in trouble but we can help and it won't take much effort...just consistency.

Talk to you soon.


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