Monday, March 16, 2009

10th Week Update - Miles Neighborhood Food Collection Project

Hi Folks,

Lots happened on Sunday. I finished calling on all of our neighbors on Miles Street and even some on Martin who gladly signed on to donate one can a week. The total collection was 160 lbs. which is 40 lbs. shy of our 200 record but this week I didn't get any of those heavy grapefruits. (This is a hint fruit lovers.)

Earlier in the afternoon, I met up with Lenny and Barbara, two neighbors on 12th Street who teamed up to take on the responsibility of collecting food every Sunday on their street. Together we chatted with many neighbors so it took us awhile to get around to everyone. Both Lenny and Barbara were really good sports, too. Lenny took all of the notes and Barbara pulled the cart up and down the curbs (no matter what the photo shows). They even said it was okay if I rode in the golf cart while they walked. Well, there was food on the passenger seat.

Barbara and Lenny are going to be a big help every Sunday which allows me to cover more territory. This coming Sunday I will be able to get to 12th Street on the other side of the Red Cross.

Also, next Sunday Kym on 13th Street is going to start collecting on her street. Having folks volunteer to get involved with helping the Community Food Bank makes me even more proud of my Miles neighbors.

As I was stopping by one neighbor a truck backed into the driveway ahead of me. This fellow was delivering soda to be used in a charity event. I chatted a moment and then left. A few minutes later the pickup truck driver came down the street and appeared to steer toward me. I stepped back probably looking a bit startled. He slowed way down, stuck his arm out of the window and handed me a $10 bill. He said he didn't have any food but thought this might help. Neighbor or not, everyone seems to respond when they hear how bad it is for the Community Food Bank in this economy.

I got an email in the evening from Aisling who lives in the Barrio San Antonio Neighborhood across the Arroyo. She wants to meet to discuss starting "One Can A Week" in her neighborhood. This is great news. Maybe we can at least start to think about the big picture which is eliminating hungry folks in Tucson all together.

See you Sunday,


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